My Computer Has No Sound! – Now Fix the Sound Problem on Your Computer – Step by Step!

“My computer has not sound at all! How can I fix the sound problem on my computer?” That is one of the problems frequently asked by a lot people. It is a pain in the neck when there is no sound on your computer. How to restore sound on your computer?

Did you recently make changes to your operating systems? Did you install new devices or programs on your computer? If you did make changes to your computer, it might be changes that caused the sound problem. You can undo the changes and see if sound comes back. If there is still no sound coming from your PC at all, it must be the problem of audio card or audio driver.

You can follow the steps bellow to get your sound back. (The process may be a little different according to different operating system that you use. I will take Windows XP as example. Windows 7 and Vista vary a little.)

1. Examine Your Audio Card

1) Examine the audio card.

Check out if your sound box is still working; if your audio card is closely attached to the socket; if the radiator fan is still working; if the chipset is all right.

2) Examine your BIOS Setting.

If you are using a free-standing audio card, skip this process. If you are using onboard audio card, follow the process. Enter BIOS Setting, open Integrated Peripherals and find AC97 audio. And then set it as Auto or Enable. At the end, find On Board AC97 Control and set it as Auto or Enable. Save and exit the BIOS Setting.

If you have tried the process but there is no sound from computer at all, go to the next step.

2. Check Your Audio Card Driver.
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1) Open Device Manager. a

Right click My computer and select Properties. Then the Properties Window would display and then click Hardware tab. Click on Device Manager. The Device Manager will show.

2) Check the Audio card.

Select “Sound, video and game controller”. You can see a list of items below. Check if there is a red cross before an item. A red cross means the item is disabled. All you need to do is right click it and set it as Enable.

3) Your Sound Card Driver is corrupted or outdated.

If you see a Question mark or Exclamatory mark, the sound card driver must be damaged or corrupted. If you find everything is fine there, it does not mean nothing is wrong with your sound card driver. Because most of the time the Device Manager cannot detect the errors of some devices.

Up to 80% computer sound problem can be attributed to corrupted and outdated sound card drivers. All you need to do is to download the latest sound card driver and install it on your computer.

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