Seeds and Harvest Principle


There are two dimensions from the seed principle and they are spiritual plus physical. The seed and pick laws are shadows of the organic laws that govern all spiritual principles. Today through Seed Theory you are going to become free and learn how you can apply seed principle to your bodily and spiritual lives.

The bodily world is a result of the spiritual. In Hebrews 11: 3, God spoke the universe into existence. The things which appear were created from points which do not appear. The tangible is a manifestation of the intangible. The items we see in the physical entire world were made from things we are not able to see in the spiritual world.

To understand the spiritual seed principle, you must understand the physical seed principle.
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Studying the seed principle in the bodily realm helps to understand the spiritual sizing. This is why Jesus uses an illustration of sowing seed in the physical realm to clarify the concept of seeds in the spiritual realm. Mark four: 14, “The sower soweth the term. ”

The parable of the sower is the parable that gives discernment plus understanding to all parables, to all reality and the foundation of the earth. It gives understanding and truth to the basis of the old bible (physical) in order to spiritual foundation of the New Testament. Jesus uses the physical seeds to illustrate faith being implanted in the heart and growing.

The Kingdom of God is also illustrated by the seed principle. Mark 4: 30-33, It is like a grain of mustard seed, and when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds in the earth but gets the biggest tree with the largest limbs and birds build their nests in it. And with many such parables, Jesus spoke the word into all of us, as we were able to hear it. Christ spoke in parables for a cause. Jesus was saying, unless you have got my seed in your spirit you can not understand the planted word from bliss.

The parables of Jesus by-passes the conscious mind into the nature in order to by-pass the seed of the serpent planted in the mind by means of imaginations and suggestions. We’re going to uncover the power of the seed principle today so you can begin to plant abundance in your life and stomp out the seed of Satan. If you want to build an Alfredia life that reflects holiness plus righteousness, or build a ministry or sow seed in your children, within your business and begin to see a harvest after that this is the lesson for you.


The Seed Of God: When God spoke his thoughts the particular universe was formed. When you came into being, you started from a single cellular and grew into what you are today. John 1: 1-2 says, “In the beginning was the word as well as the word was God and Christ was the word became flesh. Just God’s word can be transformed into actual matter or become life in the spiritman. ” John6: 63 says, “It is the spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing, the term that I speak into you are spirit and life. So all incorruptible seed manifests from God.

The particular Seed Of The Serpent: John 7: 44 says, “Ye are of the father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do so when he speaketh a lie, this individual speaketh of his own seed, regarding he is a liar, and the father of lies. ”

God’s word or seed is full of truth, life and blessing and will established us free. Satan’s word by contrast is a lie and has a problem in it and will put us in bondage and leads to death. Ezekiel 28: 13, says, “thou has been in Eden the garden of God… inch He devised a plan to get into man’s domain and through deceptiveness upsurge man’s God-given dominion plus authority over the earth. See Genesis 1: 28


Satan was the first corruptible seed and he sowed that seeds into man. He first acquired entrance into the mind of Eve to plant his corruptible seed by getting Eve to question God’s word. Then, when the seeds of his lie was conceived in her mind she served according to the seed sown within her and disobeyed God. Genesis 3; 1-6, “Now the serpent has been more subtle than any animal of the field which the Lord Lord had made. And he said on to the woman, “yea, hath God said ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the girl said unto the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden; but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said ye will not eat of it neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. ”

Listen very carefully right here, God never said “Don’t contact it, ” he just mentioned, “Don’t eat it. ” Genesis 2: 17, “But of the woods of the knowledge of good and bad, thou shalt not eat from it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. ”

Right away the devil realized that Eve did not know the Word that God had given to Adam to give to her. Now this made the girl all the more susceptible to deception of course , since she didn’t know what the rules were. She didn’t know her rights. She didn’t know her power. She didn’t know what God actually had said. And she didn’t understand what her authority and dominion was.

So first of all, we have to know the phrase if we’re ever to conquer the seed of Satan. At this point when Satan tempted Jesus it was a different matter, Jesus quoted the term to him and he overcame that temptation for Satan could not vegetable the seed of the lie within Jesus. He shows us right here that we have to know what God states in order to stand firm on a solid foundation of truth, it is what sets you free from the serpent’s seed.

Now Satan further enticed Eve in the progressive stages of deception. The lust of the attention, the desire to be wise in a person’s own eyes, pride. Satan always deceives in stages. It is always mingled with truth to confuse. The best kind of lie is one that is 90% truth and 10% lie. Really still an entire lie, because of that will 10% which can put you in to bondage.

Satan directly contradicted God’s command of Genesis 2: seventeen, by twisting God’s word right into a lie! Satan knows just enough from the word to twist it, but he has no discernment. There lies the truth in discerning spirits. So now that we’ve defined the two seeds lets look at what manifested through the two kinds of seeds.


In Genesis, Chapter 3 or more, we find the first reference by Lord of two contrasting kinds of seeds. The serpent’s seed (corruptible) that is referring to Satan’s lie, and the seed of the woman, which is a prophetic mention of the Christ.

God is judging the serpent, or Satan. Genesis several: 15, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. ” So , the particular seed of the serpent (Corruptible) as well as the seed of Christ (incorruptible) are usually staged by God for a major. In this verse you can clearly see how the seed of Christ obtained changed into the personal pronoun “He” will certainly bruise your head. It was God prophetic announcement that he would send his son, Jesus Christ to ruin the works of Satan great seed.

Now you can understand why David drawn the head of Goliath (a seed of the serpent) 16 miles in order to Golgotha Hill, because when Jesus’ blood dripped on that bad ground sin and death lost and a new seed had begun. Remember all seeds must perish before they can regenerate into a brand new seed and yield a harvest. So when we die to your pet Satan’s seed dies with the old man, and all things become new within Him.

In Luke 1: 38 it says, “And Mary mentioned, behold the handmaid of the Master; be it unto me according to THY WORD. And the angel departed from her. ”

God gave female the privilege of being the vessel through whom all mankind might receive deliverance from the power associated with death and avenge her associated with Satan’s deception. The bruised mind is symbolic of a death strike and also symbolic of that place that thought originates. This means God’s phrase, His truth, His sword, would come against the seed of the serpent or maybe the lie of the wicked one. So you see here an example of how the physical from the old bible became manifest in to the spiritual by King David, the sceptor of Christ’s throne.

The serpent’s seed has been sown plus multiplied in the earth to produce several lies, moving man into a place of darkness, death, and destruction. But of course , Jesus came to reverse this particular and we live with hope and faith.

In 1 Peter 1: twenty three the Apostle Peter also makes a reference to two contrasting seeds, simply by saying “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but in incorruptible seed, by the word of Our god, which liveth and abideth forever. ” Peter makes it emphatically very clear that there are two contrasting seeds and could only be referring to the seeds of the serpent when referring to corruptible seed and God’s word when referring to incorruptible.


In the parable of the sower (Mark Chapter 4), Jesus began to teach the disciples the key to all parables or all revelation knowledge. But you have to have the seed of Christ within you to discern truth by His Holy Spirit. The deciples asked him what it meant. He mentioned, “Unto you is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Lord, ” verse 11. Jesus is saying this parable is the mystery from the Kingdom of God. Then in verse 13 he says, “Know ye not this parable? How then will ye know all parables? ” This statement implies really strongly the fact that this parable is the central theme to grasping all truth, and when applied will create abundant living.

Again, I emphasize, when APPLIED, not just knowing but doing the parable of the sower. The term of God is the seed, passage 14, “The sower soweth the Word. ” When the word is sown and internalized into the heart of the believer, it will bear fruit after its very own kind, verse 20, “And these are they which are sown on great ground; such as hear the word, plus receive it, and bring on fruit, some thirty fold, some sixty, and a hundred fold. ”

This is why Satan tries to steal the Word out of your mind, verse 15, “And these are they by the way side, in which the word is sown; but when they have got heard, Satan cometh immediately, plus taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts. “He does not want to see God’s people blessed or succeed. He does not want to see them strolling in health, he does not want to see them filled with joy, because then God is glorified and more people come into the kingdom as a result of their own testimony. Read also Luke 17 starting with verse 5.

So basically, faith begins as a seed within one’s spirit. We have to sow the seed of the word of Lord into the human spirit and it will breed faith after its kind of seed that was sown. If it’s a phrase of faith, or a seed of faith, concerning healing or renewing the mind it will give healing and mind renewal. It gives birth to what ever it is sown for. When it is a word sown to the dropped then the seed of Salvation will be sown and the fruit of spirit winning will result.

“So after that faith cometh by hearing plus hearing by the word of God, ” Romans 10: 17. For example tonight your faith will be more powerful in the seed and harvest rule because you will see the truth of it in hearing God’s word concerning this.

Notice that Jesus did not say that your faith must be as the size of the grain of mustard seed in Luke 17: 6, but was implying it must start as a materials of mustard seed. Take a look at the particular ramifications of a seed, the whole seeds concept, how it’s implanted, exactly how it must be watered in fertile soil, and how it must be nurtured. In other words the particular misconception has been a little faith goes a long way, but the emphasis is not upon size but on the faith-growth process.

The more you are fed the word plus apply it to your life the bigger your mustard seed gets. It does not imply that you can walk the righteous lifestyle, dodge the devil and grow spiritually if your faith remains as small as the mustard seed, because the satan will come along and snatch exactly what little faith you’ve got if you don’t maintain feeding your spirit and mind with the word.

So faith is developed in the human spirit as a result of the sowing of the engrafted or even implanted word into it, James 1: 21, says, “Receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls. “

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