The Facts About Dog Water Fountains

Each pet owner wants to do what is perfect for their pet. Especially dog owners. A good owner buys them the best foods, dog toys, sweaters to keep all of them warm, and their own food and drinking water dish. It is recommended to change the dog’s water every day so it stays fresh new. This makes sense. A person doesn’t drink day old water. Why should a puppy?

Dog Water Fountains to the Rescue!

These fountains are a solution to the fresh drinking water problem dog owners face. Dogs can water themselves with these fountains. There are several different ones on the market. They range from meals that keep water flowing with a dog simply touching the dish to fountains that can be hooked up to an outdoor water spigot.

A veterinarian even designed a dog fountain. This plugs in to the wall and constantly filters the water through charcoal filter systems that keep it moving and fresher. It has a 5-inch waterfall that keeps water aerated, which is more healthy for the dog. It encourages dogs to drink more water. This is very good for dogs with kidney problems or even urinary tract disease. The filter systems are reusable and last for 2 to four weeks.

A mechanical engineer with over 25 years of expertise developed another dog fountain.

Their dogs loved to drink from drinking water spigots. After watching how his two dogs loved to drink through any water spigot, he developed an automatic watering system that attaches to any outside water spigot. It offers a sensor that detects when a dog is near and turns on a gentle flow of water. Once the dog moves away from it, it turns the flow away from.

This system has a kit that allows one to place the pet fountain anywhere in the particular yard. It has 20 feet associated with rupture resistant tubing and consists of connectors for hooking to faucet. It makes it so a dog could be anywhere in the yard and still have got fresh water. It comes completely assembled.

These are just a couple of the water fountains that can be acquired. If a person has a dog they care about keeping healthy, a dog water fountain is just what they need.
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No more worrying about if the dog has water or even how fresh it is. These fountains make caring for dogs easy. A puppy will stay hydrated and healthy. This can make life easier for the dog owner and the dog much happier.

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