Principles of Modern Web Development

There has been a recent debate regarding whether an online developer’s speed is equal to productivity. Depending on the interpretation, there is bound to end up being opposing viewpoints with regards to this. Nevertheless , the productivity of a developer needs to be equated to whether the project was completed in time but more importantly if the application is usable. From the analysis, it is obvious that how quickly a web development project is completed depends on several factors such as complexity, features and the scale of productivity. If you decide to hire a web developer, ensure that the web experts understand the modern day web planet.

Understanding Modern Web Development

To be able to create quality applications, such programs should be made from an user’s viewpoint. Creating an application based on how complex or easy it will be for the end user to utilize the same application ensures that a creator can pre-empt any challenges how the user is likely to face. The assumption here is regarding how the user may interact with the application.

Mobile approach

Today, smartphones are one of the fastest growing phenomenon due to the increasing numbers of smartphone users. The most recent statistics suggest that approximately 64% of all mobile users across the world use smartphones. This figure is increasing by the day.
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The emerging trend of smartphone being used should be incorporated in modern internet development in such a way that applications can be used in multiple devices including mobile devices as opposed to the traditional approach where applications were created for single devices. This means that a web application built for pc use should function just as well within devices such as tablets and mobile phones. In fact , the best approach in modern development is that applications should be first be built for smaller devices before proceeding to PCs functionality.

Web Technology Stack Utilization

Due to the advances made in the field of information plus technology, web developers have a vast reference of modern web technologies at their disposal. Despite the fact that experimenting with new technology to develop websites and application is a good approach, a good creator should stick to tested solutions in development. You will perhaps not want to be the person who creates a complex web software using a non-tested but modern technology which will never work effectively on the program. Unlike in the past, modern web advancement also dictates that a developer avoids technology that hinder agility. Web-developers often find themselves having to balance between applications that are both portable and agile. It is no longer a viable method of create an application that can only be used on a single database or platform.

Excellent User Interface

Well-designed interfaces can sell anything as they are more appealing to the users. However , the appeal should not be equated to complexity as most users avoid web applications that are not effortlessly navigable.


In order to create productive web applications, developers are required to keep up with the standards within the industry while at the same time observing the emerging trends in contemporary web development. The end products must be adaptable meaning that a good web application can be used both in the present and the long term without any alterations being made.

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