The significance of a Support System For Your Laser Locks Comb

The particular laser hair comb is the most recent advancement in hair re-growth treatment, but it cannot do its best job alone. A reputable laser hair comb manufacturer will also offer a system of products that enhance the efficacy of the low level light therapy (LLLT) used in their product. Both men and women require a healthy body as well as a healthy scalp to get optimum results of hair re-growth.

How Can Vitamins Help?

Vitamins are best used on a daily basis, but these nutritional supplements are better still if they are specific for your individual requirements. Age, sex and particular deficiencies are important to consider. Vitamins specific to the male or female gender that address head health are the best partners for the laser beam hair comb. Also important to scalp health is the addition of a Coenzyme Amino Acid nutrient that is clinically which may stimulate hair growth by providing the follicles with critical nourishment.

What are the Differences in Shampoos and Conditioners?

The best hair shampoo to use with a laser hair comb regimen is one that is sulfite free. This type of shampoo will naturally and gently cleanse your hair without leaving an accumulation of product on the scalp to clog the pores. A good sulfite free shampoo will be color secure and made of all natural ingredients. A complimentary conditioner would nourish the hair, going through the hair shaft and thickening, strengthening and providing elasticity without departing any heavy residue to consider down the hair. If at all possible, the head can also be prepared with a pre-cleansing solution that will dissolve the scalp’s essential oil and sebum thereby increasing the opportunity for the laser hair comb to increase circulation around each hair hair foillicle.

What Else Can I Do to enhance the Benefits of My Laser Hair Comb?
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Perhaps one of the most important additions to your scalp health is the use of the de-chlorinating shower filter. These filter systems are simply placed in line with your bath head to deliver water that has been filtered to eliminate or reduce harmful chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron, other heavy metals and bacteria. This strained water provides a much healthier environment to get optimum follicle and scalp wellness. A side benefit is the fact that your skin all over your body and all members of the family can benefit as well.

The Technicians of the Laser Hair Comb

Using a clean, healthy scalp and follicles that can “breathe” the low level laser light that is aimed directly in the scalp can stimulate the blood circulation for cellular and tissue response and increase protein synthesis essential for hair production and growth. The particular circulation around each follicle is usually increased which increases productivity of every hair bulb. The laser lighting also activates the enzymes which reduce the effects of DHT (an inhibitor of hair growth). The laser hair comb should be used every other day for 20-30 minutes, moving the particular comb every minute from one place on the scalp to the next until the whole scalp is treated. The newest light-weight hand-held versions of the laser tresses comb look more like a brush with several rows of lasers, a soft comfortable handle, on-off change and battery or rechargeable battery pack capability. Salon or clinic trips, cords, and the high price tag are gone with this new technology.

With the child boomer crowd now reaching an amount of time in life when baldness is nearing reality or hair is loss at least, the best time to start the process of attaining a healthy head of hair is now! The sooner you begin getting yourself and your scalp healthy the more effective this new technology of laserlight hair comb use will be. This really is just one way to look and feel healthier, youthful and happier.

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