six Simple Ways to Reload Your Australian visa Gift Card

Visa for australia gift cards are some of the popular gift cards used today because of their flexibility and ease of use. They can be used anywhere that debit cards are used so they can be used at a variety of retail places, used in online shopping and even used to pay bills. However , they are only useable good as long as there is still a buck amount remaining in the balance. Fortunately, there are many ways to reload it using a larger cash balance once you buy and activate it.

When you “purchase” a Visa gift card, fundamentally 2 things happen; you get a credit card assigned to an account number, and you also load a balance onto the card for your amount you “purchased” it for. So if you buy a $50 gift credit card, then it has a $50 balance which you can use once it has been activated (which may need a fee). If you want to continue utilizing the card, once all the balance has been used, then you must recharge it, or add more money to the associated with the card. Here are the following ways in which as service provider can allow you to add money to the balance of your account:

Tax Refund

You can have your state and federal government tax refund directly deposited into your gift card balance. Through a program provider’s direct deposit service, you are able to direct the IRS to send the funds there. This also works for the majority of types of government benefit checks too. Like a bank account, you will need to fill out an application to get this done.

Direct Deposit

You could have your payroll checks directly transferred into your gift card account. This works similar to having your tax refund deposited. You will need to fill out an application, and it must be accepted (it usually is), before the automatic deposits can occur.

Cash Down payment

You can deposit cash directly on your Visa account through a few different money transfer type services providers. Two of the 3 most nicely knows providers that are set up to reload the balances are Money Gram, and Money Pak. There could be a service charge associated with doing it this way however.


Yes, you can use PayPal to add money into your account. You will need to set up your PayPal account to add a new “Bank Account”. The “Bank Account” is your gift card provider and the individual account number of your card. Once PayPal has made verification of this new account, you can add money to it at any time from your PayPal account.

Check or Money Order

Your Visa service provider will provide you with an tackle to send your check or money order in order to add funds to your account. Many providers will offer this support for free yet it takes a bit longer for the funds to get added to the account because it has to go through the snail mail.

Bank Transfer

This method of exchange works very similar to the way you would make use of PayPal to transfer money into the Visa gift card account for any financial institution that allows for electronic funds transfer. You would need to sign into your financial institutions account and set up a new “online payee” and fill in the info that your card service provider would supply you in this case. Once your institution certifies the account, you will be good to go.

Using a Visa gift card is very simple, and it is also easy to add cash to the account. This is great for the ones that get in trouble using credit cards, because in the case of gift cards, you can only purchase whatever value is remaining on the card.
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