Just how Insurance Works When Renting an automobile

When you rent a car, Collision Damage Waiver and Theft cover are generally contained in the car rental price. Sometimes there is an “excess” (also known as “deductible”). This is similar to the excess on your own car policy. we. e. you are responsible for an agreed part of the charge.

The UK is extremely costly (often charging you the first £500 £1500 or (more) of any claim – however , you can generally “buy down” this amount from check in). Spain, on the other hand, very often has no excess.

It’s different when you rent a car in the USA and Europe – particularly if you are an US or Canadian license holder. You will have the choice of taking a rental that is either inclusive, or exclusive of insurance plan. This is because many US/Canadian credit cards are the legal minimum required for insurance. It really is worth noting that many car rental suppliers outside the US and Canada will never accept this “credit card insurance” and will insist that you take their very own insurance – usually covered within an inclusive rental rate. This is a primary reason why an US/Canadian license holder may find it cheaper to lease (via a broker) a car in countries outside the US/Canada. i. electronic. if you buy from an US/Canadian supplier accommodations for – say – The country of spain, in the you may find rental is more costly than buying from an European agent! (It also has something to do with the US/Canada protecting its margins! ).

What is Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)?

It’s third party insurance above the basic amount provided by the car hire company. These policies usually cover you (in the US/Canada) up to US$ 1 million against any claim produced due to an accident with the rental vehicle. When booking your hire through a reputable UK broker the SLI is usually included in all US/Canadian leases.

Remember. In most cases NONE of the insurance will cover, tyres, punctures, glass, roof, bottom or interior of car! (Some suppliers – notably in Spain — offer quite cheap “top up” insurance to cover these items). Nevertheless , even this will certainly not cover you for going off-road! Check your rental agreement carefully.
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As a general rule – when hiring a car outside the US/Canada your rental will probably include: Damage to the rental vehicle – known as LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) or CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), Third Party Responsibility and Theft. Again, check your rental agreement carefully.

If you intend to use your “credit card insurance” then check with the particular issuer to see if (and what) you are covered for. Especially if you are usually renting in Europe on US credit card cover.

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