The easiest method to Keep a Shaped Beard Neat

In the event that, like myself, you’re one of those guys who like the idea of having a facial beard but doesn’t want to look quite like a walking hedgerow, you need to maintain it in check. The best way to do that? Read on!

A while back it occurred to me that I was now about the right age to re-grow my beard. There are this theory of sorts that will men either grow beards when they’re young as a sign perhaps of their new-found manliness or to fall in with current fashion, or whenever they’re older when they like to think that they will look all patrician plus cool.

Being of the latter persuasion I laid away my directly razor for a while and let the fungus develop. As I’d been clean shaven for all those years since the young beardy-trendy days it did come being a bit of a shock to see that, exactly where dark, shiny beard growth once flourished, the whiskers now popping out were distinctly lighter within colour – like white!

The reason why I thought it would be any different We don’t know – I’m grey enough on top of my head. In any event, a few weeks passed and I passed through the designer hair stage, the itchy stage and the thoroughly disreputable-looking stage to awake one morning with a full-grown beard. Yippee!

Well, not quite. As the whiskers grew longer, so they looked a growing number of untidy until I started to resemble not a patrician but a : well, a bum, not to place it too finely! What to do? Trim the thing of course! I decided on a modern design, quite short overall with thin sideburns and transverse bits involving the bow of the jaw and the chin. Easy!

Out came the directly razor. What? A straight razor for beard trimming? Yes, friend. I had tried electric trimmers plus multi-blade contraptions in the past and found that the first tend to grab the hair if trying to trim too carefully (a painful experience! ) as well as the second clog dismally. Also, none gives that really sharp, crisp collection between beard and shaved skin that I wanted.

Not so with the directly razor. I’ve used one for a long time for the whole-face shave and think me you won’t get better once you’ve perfected the technique (takes about an entire couple of weeks usually). For accurate beard trimming the straight is king. Why?

Well, the electric trimmer and multi-blade or double-edge razor each have a limiting factor. For the electric it’s the size of the reducing head and its inability to shave really closely. Here is more regarding visit our own page.
For the multi-blade it is the fact that, due to the blade ends becoming inboard of the cartridge ends, a very crisp line is almost impossible to obtain and they clog readily.

Think of this like grass growing along the path and trying to keep it nice with just a plain old mower. Certain, it cuts the grass brief but , little by little, the grass encroaches on the path. What to do then? Simple – get the long shears out. A special tool for a special work – and it’s the same with a straight razor (though please don’t try trimming your lawn edges with a single! )

Because it has no blade safeguard, a straight razor can shave a very precise edge along the line of stubble, particularly where the curly hair line dwindles out – that will line down from the moustache towards the chin is a good example as there are usually a few whiskers outside the primary beard growth area. Leave these types of in place – and they are very difficult in order to trim with the electric or multiple blade – and you will always seem that little bit unkempt. Take them away with a straight razor and see the difference!

Most guys think of straight shavers as items that are used strictly by Luddites or men who just want to look macho. Well, straight razor users may well have both classes within their ranks but , generally speaking, they may be just everyday men who are possibly fed-up with paying through the nose for throwaway cartridge systems or just enjoy a traditional, relaxing shave.

Did I say relaxing? With a directly razor? Yes, indeed. Once the method is learned – and it actually isn’t difficult – it’s a good way of getting some ‘me-time’ because the one thing you can’t really do is rush a shave with a straight. So relax – get up quarter of an hr earlier, ease into the day. Think me, when you have finished trimming that beard you can rest assured that you will appearance crisper and neater – plus probably feel a whole lot better in yourself – than those other guys frantically scraping away while settling their second coffee and putting their tie on all simultaneously!

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