From Pencils To Pixels – A Quick Guide Choosing A 2D Animation Plan

Even though it may seem like there are more and more CG animation movies every year, there seems to be considered a dwindling number of 2d animated movies, adverts or short films on the market. Even the Disney Studio, where it all started, has said they won’t be generating drawn animation for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately it is still going strong in Japan among the Anime community, plus a growing number of independent filmmakers plus artists are rediscovering traditional computer animation techniques as a wonderfully expressive and fantastically accessible medium. For more regarding visit our own page.

Add to this the truth that the digital revolution has meant that you no longer need expensive, weighty equipment, and anyone can now create animation from their bedroom using just a tablet or laptop, and upload it to the web in mere seconds.

However , before you rush out and grab the first piece of animation software program available, there are a few things you need to consider if you want to find the right one for you. This my top 5 suggestions.

Free or paid?

First of all, the important question to ask yourself is your budget. Are you willing to invest some money, and if so , how much? A good animation program can cost anywhere from nothing up to a couple of thousand dollars. Whilst there are a couple of decent free programs out there, I believe a reasonably priced paid package delivers the most features and support.

Professional or beginner?

Maybe you have animated before or are you an entire beginner? Are you looking to animate professionally or just dabble a bit in your spare time? Answering this question will help determine not only your budget but also the learning contour you’ll be able or willing to tolerate when using a software, as some are more difficult than others depending on your level of skill.

Age level?

Related to experience degree is your age. Are you an adult searching for a piece of animation software for yourself or perhaps a parent looking to get your child involved in some cartooning? Some animation programs are usually specifically designed for children and teenagers so the interface is a lot “friendlier” and has an easier learning curve.

Frame-by-frame or Flash-style?

What kind of animation are you thinking of performing? Do you prefer traditional frame-by-frame drawn animation like the old Disney movies, or are you more interested in the stylized Flash-style animation found on the web and cartoons like South Park and Peppa Pig? No 2d software is the same and many are designed with a specific style in mind, or in some cases will give you the option of doing either.

External equipment?

Partly associated with the style of animation you’re looking to complete is the question of whether you might have or will be buying any external equipment or purely looking to get it done all digitally. Some animators like to work initially on paper with a lightbox in the traditional style and then check out and colour their drawings within the software program. Others prefer to draw directly in the software itself and will usually do so using a tablet and pencil.

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